It’s our duty to provide you with a staff of pre-screened registered practical nurses, registered nurses and personal support workers. 

This will allow you to immediate access to our comprehensive, cost-efficient, and dependable service solution that meets your staffing and patient health care needs.

Our staff & team are made of doctors, physiologist, Highly trained Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses and Personal Support Workers whose skills and expertise you can depend on.

Our team is culturally and ethnically diverse, who understand your patients and their needs. Health care providers with accreditation that proves they have the knowledge, skills, and judgment to effectively and conscientiously fulfill their roles and responsibilities. Personnel who have undergone an extensive quality assurance process.

♥They are as follows: 

  • Criminal background checks
  • Individual interviews
  • Health clearance
  • Performance evaluation
  • Hands on training
  • Orientation, and knowledge based understanding of PSWDhaka policies and guideline

Our mission is to be a reliable part of your healthcare solution. To achieve that goal, we continually keep up with the highest standards of care and service, so we can be an available, capable, and dependable “back-up” staffing resource for our partners.