Is PSWDhaka's services only available in the home?


No, we can provide our services to you whether you live at home or a senior's complex or health care facility

What happens if my caregiver gets sick?


You have a choice of cancelling the appointment or allowing us to send a replacement caregiver.

Are all your employees nurses?


Some are Registered Nurses, some are Registered Practical Nurses and some are certified Personal Support Workers. We match the employee's training to best fit your needs.

Are your employees insured?


Yes, all our employees are carefully screened so that they can be insured.

Is the cost for services covered by my health plan?


Depending on your coverage and the services required, some of the costs may be covered by your health plan. You will have to ask your health plan provider for details.

Do I get to pick the person looking after me?


Yes, if you do not like the match we made you can help us in finding a better employee match.